Achromatic Procedures at Standard Autotypic Printing Processes and at Secured Double Images CMYKIR Technology

Akromatski postupci kod standardnog grafičkog autotipijasog postupka, te kod metode zaštićene slike CMYKIR tehnologije

Vilko Žiljak1,2, Darko Agić2

1 Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb
2 Croatian Academy of Engineering, Zagreb



Modern graphic arts image reproduction procedure is based on subtractive synthesis inks and appropriate screening system. When fourth color, K color is added to the printing procedure, four color printing autotypic system is established. When autotypic procedures were associated to colorimetric models, meaningful surrounding for defined reproduction is achieved. Various reasons for reproduction enhancement were stated, involving achromatic reduction, meaning substituting some appropriate content of chromatic inks with black. CMYKIR technology starts with CMY image, and a K-NIR image that will be hidden. Absorption properties of carbon ink in black printer in NIR domain instrumentally allows secondary image to be visualized and observed. A brief library of terms used in CMYKIR procedure is enclosed.

Keywords: graphic arts reproduction, autotypic procedure, CMYKIR technology, achromatic reduction, secondary hidden image